Since I discovered the old analog camera my dad was letting slowly die in his cupboard (well it is not that old, probably twice as old as the internet) I started taking pictures. While I was learning how photography works I realized by some time, that there are (financial) limitations for an analog camera. This is why I am working on both types of camera now: analog and digital. I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

This blog is about photography and every picture should tell its own story. This is why I won’t write much here and won’t write a text for the pictures. It doesn’t matter where they were shot, what happend before or after the picture was taken. The only thing that matters is the story the picture tells itself. If you want to know some more things about the pictures anyway feel free to write a comment or to contact me (see below).

[Für die deutsche Seite hier klicken.]

Analog – Konica Autoflex TC (all analog pictures are taken with this model)

Digital – Canon EOS 60D, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


All images shown on this website are lawful property of Oliver Schwamb.


If you have questions about me or any of my works don’t hesitate to contact me:

Portfolio of Oliver Schwamb
Oliver Schwamb






5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am truly impressed by your photography. On top of that, I share of the same idea about writing as few as possible (or even nothing) about the pictures taken – if they are good, they are gonna do the job alone. Yours are a clear example of this. It will be pleasure to be following you.

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