You made my day! Yesterday, after posting “First rays of sun” something special happened for me: the followers of this blog reached the number 100! This may not sound very spectacular, especially when considering the numbers of viewers or followers some other wordpresssites have, but for me it is spectacular! I’ve always thought of my photography as a process for me. It always was and is some kind of meditation for me. But the fact that more than 100 people enjoy what I am doing blew my mind! It simply feels great for me, that on the one hand there is some acknowledgement for my work and on the other hand I can do my part for you to enjoy your time online. 🙂

This way I want to thank you! Thanks for following my blog, thanks for visiting it and thanks for any kind of feedback you’ve given me so far. My motivation to continue what I am doing just got an huge raise yesterday. Just because of you!

So I went out today, to find a motive that suits this special occasion!


Bjoern. Oliver Schwamb.


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